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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 6.

1958-1971 The Time of Day in the Main Office.

The commemorative handstamp postmarks allowed for a time to be shown. All mail requesting registration needed to be dealt with in the mobile office at Ground as a registration service using the commemorative postmarks was not provided in the main office. The main purpose of the mobile office was to provide a registration service.

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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 5.

1965-1971 The Gap

In 1965 a new pair of handstamps were introduced that were of a similar design but a little smaller. As before they could be separately identified. One had a larger space between the words ALL ENGLAND than the other.


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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 4 plus

1963 The Third Monday in the Mobile Office

On Saturday, 6th July 1963, the last scheduled day of The Championschips, rain completely washed out play and the four finals were held over until the following Monday, 8th July.


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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 4.

1958 A New Postmark

In 1958 a new design of postmark was introduced promoting the Wimbledon championships. It remained in use until 1964. It was decided that it would be more efficient if ordinary non-registered mail was handstamped in the main office rather than sending it to the mobile office for stamping and then returned for forwarding to the addressee.

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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 3.


In 1950 the GPO stationed its new third mobile office (MPO No.3) at the Ground and it attended The Championships each year until 1971, the last year a mobile office was stationed at tha Ground.


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