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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 2.

1947 The Championships were suspended from 1940 to 1945 during WW II and postal services were not provided at the 1946 Championships. In 1947 a mobile post office was again stationed at he Ground, this time at the North Hall of the Centre Court. A circular date stamp reading ALLEENGLANDLTCWIMBLEDONSW19 (without spaces)  was used to cancel stamps on registered mail and on certificates of posting. 

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Wimbledon - stemple okolicznościowe 1939-2013,część 2

The introduction of this new date stamp was not generally known and as it was only available for use on costly registered items examples of such covers are rarely seen.

A copy of a registration receipt date stamped Thursday, 3rd July 1947

A registered letter postmarked Monday, 30th June 1947 and its backstamp

This was the first time the All England Club was mentioned in a postmark.


In 1948 a mobile post office was again stationed in the Ground but located back at the North East entrance from Church Road where it had been in 1939. A post office was stationed there each year until 1978. The date stamp used in 1948 was similar to that used in 1947 but its printing slugs were a little loose.

A copy of a registration receipt date stamped Tuesday, 22nd June 1948

A registered letter postmarked Monday, 21st June 1948


1949 saw the introduction of a new circular date stamp that read ALL ENGLAND.L.T.C. WIMBLEDON.S.W.19 It was to remain in use at The Championships each year until 1957, except for 1955 when only the ordinary mobile date stamp was used.

A registered letter postmarked Wednesday, 21st June 1949

An unregisterd postal card postmarked Wednesday, 22nd June 1949

The “Club” date stamp was for use on postal receipts and to cancel stamps on registered mail. Non-registered mail was forwarded to the main office in Wimbledon to be dealt with, as was this postal card. Here, it appears that the sender had persuaded the postal clerk to apply the “Club” date stamp on the card as a cachet.