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Interwiev about philately with Raino Heino

Today in the series „Talks about Philately” we are speaking with Dr. Raino Heino from Finland. Dr. Heino is worldwide known meteorologist and climatologist as well as philatelist, exhibitor and author of philatelic publications.


Repetitive Fi. 3735 stamp error

Browsing through the latest Polish Stamps Catalogue (Fischer, 2015) I have noticed that no error regarding FI 3535 stamp had been duly noted. The stamp in question was issued in 2001 to celebrate Salesians of Don Bosco Games. A few years ago I noticed a bright spot on one of competitor’s no. 14 palm. Repetitive error occurs on stamp no. 8, sheet sector no. 4, bottom right. Since then I have seen a dozen of stamp sheets from the same sector and the repetitive error was always present. In the picture attached below you can notice the stamp sheet with a stamp error marked. You can also find a comparison of a competitor’s no. 14 palm with (on the right) and without the error.


Polish Legions Formation Handstamps Addendum (part 2)

In line with my expectations noted in article [1] there is still much to be added to Adamczyk’s, Szopa’s and Nowak’s paper entitled “Formation Handstamps of The Polish Legions ….” [2]. In my paper I’d like to present four stamps not included in the above mentioned paper. I’m their proud owner.


Kielce postmark with a changeable date

Postmark issued by the city of Kielce was the forerunner for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. It counted down days before the final match of the event You can find it on website and verify when it was used. (pct.1) The website says it was used between 06.10.2009 and 01.07.2012 during Euro 2012. The information provided on website is imprecise. The above mentioned dates were merely the dates which had been planned to be implemented.(*) The actual storyline was the following:


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