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Albino error on 60 groszy stamp for Polish People’s Army 15th anniversary

Commemorative stamp series marking 15th anniversary of Polish People’s Army was issued and introduced on 1st October 1958 by the Ministry of Communication (Dz.Ł. nr 22/1958, 126, poz. 165).  Stamps were printed in PWPW by rotogravure technique on white woodless thick and smooth paper as well as on white thick, slightly horizontally striped paper. Stamps were printed in 70-stamp sheets, 10 x 7 items.  

Attention, this article is also available in Polish:
Brak barwy brązowej na znaczku o nominale 60 gr z wydania okolicznościowego „15-lecia LWP”

The stamps presented military orders against a ribbon in the background. The orders were given for extraordinary merits during wartime. A 40 groszy stamp pictured Partisan Cross. A 60 groszy stamp pictured Virtuti Military Cross. A 2,50 złoty stamp pictured Grunwald Cross. The stamps were printed meticulously and only few colour printing errors are known so far.
A 60 groszy stamp lacking brown colour, which is central to Virtuti Military Cross and depicts an eagle, (Pic.1) and enlargement (Pic.2) had been unknown until only recently.

Pic.1 Pic.2

The central part of Virtuti Military Cross which is composed of three colourful areas of small size had been a part challenging to match. The picture below depicts colour changes. (Pic. 3).


English version: Anna Siarkiewicz

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